Servicing Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and South East Indiana

Service Technicians

All of our Service Technicians can handle any of your appliance service needs. They are fully trained on all major appliances, and routinely receive manufacturer service training as well as our own company training events.

  • Mike Lahey
    Mike Lahey
  • Jerry Bohley
    Jerry Bohley
  • Nick Jernigan
    Nick Jernigan
  • Trevor Murrell
    Trevor Murrell
  • Matt Ritter
    Matt Ritter
  • Dave Sturgill
    Dave Sturgill
  • Todd Lahey
    Todd Lahey
  • Matt Holtmann
    Matt Holtmann
  • Steve Morris
    Steve Morris
  • Mike Peters
    Mike Peters
  • Andrew Soaper
    Andrew Soaper
  • Doug Warmoth
    Doug Warmoth